Do I need a criminal defence lawyer?

When to Hire A Lawyer to Defend Your Rights

I have been contacted by the police

If you find yourself in a situation where the police are interested in where you've been, what you’ve done, or what you may be involved in, they may be working to gather evidence against you, and they will have the power and the resources of the state to support them. The police are not there to help you, but rather to build a case for the prosecution against you.

I can provide you the appropriate legal advice and interact on your behalf with the police to ensure your rights are protected. Because of the protective relationship I build with you, my clients consider me among the best criminal defence lawyers in Toronto.

I have been charged with
a criminal offence

Being charged with a criminal offence is a frightening situation and can have a very significant impact on you, your family and your life.

I will be there for you and your family to explain the process, the potential outcomes and to provide support during this difficult time.

I have a bail hearing

If charges are laid, you may be subject to a detention order or release conditions while you are awaiting a trial or disposition of the matter. These conditions may include a limit on your ability to move about freely by way of a curfew or house arrest, or a limit on whom you may have contact with, including a spouse or children. These conditions may affect your ability to travel, to meet your job requirements or to support your family.

I will work to try to obtain your release on bail and to minimize the effects that release conditions may have on your daily life.

I have to appear in court

If the Crown has decided to proceed with criminal charges, you will be faced with the prospect of either a trial or a guilty plea. A conviction for a criminal offence, may have a negative impact on your life including a criminal record, prohibition to international travel, difficulty obtaining or maintaining employment, an effect on your immigration status in Canada and can involve fines, probation and imprisonment.

As your criminal defence lawyer, I have the knowledge, expertise, experience and dedication to ensure that your legal rights are protected, and that your position is vigorously argued.

I will help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your case, act on your behalf with the Crown towards a withdrawal or lessening of the charges and if necessary represent you at trial.

I have been found guilty
and want to appeal

If you have been convicted of a criminal offence, you may be in a position to appeal that conviction and have it either overturned or sent back for a new trial.

I will review the trial proceeding and advise you of the potential areas of appeal and where you choose to move forward with an appeal I will represent your interests before the Appeal Court.

Will Jason personally defend me on my court date?

I believe in the importance of setting a strong and personal relationship between lawyer and client. When you decide to retain me, you are hiring me to represent your legal defence case and assist you throughout the court process. The initial meeting and decision making will be done with me.

I Defend Your Rights in Court

I will:

    attend with you or on your behalf at all important pre-trial court appearances;

    personally review the disclosure materials;

    conduct the pre-trial and judicial pre-trial meetings with the Crown Attorney and the Judges;

    attend in court with you throughout the entire trial process

For certain administrative court appearances, it may on occasion be necessary to have an associate attend. That associate will have detailed written instructions.


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