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What are the consequences of being a party to an offence. How do I deal with being a party to an offence.

It appears Mr. Muzzo intends to plea guilty.

Please be safe over the holiday season – don’t drink and drive. If a sample is demanded, you are required by law to provide it. If you are stopped by the police, you have rights.

The FaceBook petition could strongly influence what happens next in Mr. Muzzo's trial.

The serious nature of Muzzo case has drawn significant public attention. The Crown places a great deal of reliance on the public perception of the administration of justice if Mr. Muzzo is released on bail.

The criminal case against Mr. Marco Muzzo is scheduled to continue on Friday, October 2, 2015 at the courthouse in Newmarket.

Remember, police are watching & listening when you use social media to comment on your own involvement in the criminal justice system.

Before deciding to plea guilty to a drinking and driving charge, consider significant consequences beyond what the Judge may impose.