Robbery is defined as the theft of an object where the theft is accomplished using violence, the threat of violence or while armed with an offensive weapon. It is not necessary for the victim to have been injured, nor is there any specific level of violence which is necessary in order to bring a theft into the realm of a robbery. Where the level of violence is very minor in nature, it may be open to interpretation as to whether the act amounts to a robbery, or is simply a theft.





The penalties for robbery involve a maximum custodial period of life in prison. Where a firearm was used in the commission of the offence, there is a mandatory minimum sentence of 4 years in prison, and if the robbery with a firearm was committed for the benefit of a criminal organization, the minimum penalty increase to 5 years custody. Where the accused person has a prior conviction for robbery with a firearm for the benefit of a criminal organization, the mandatory minimum sentence increases to 7 years.


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